Anthony Walker – 10 Years On

domAfter the tragic loss of Anthony Walker, when he was murdered on the 18th July 2005, the family, with God’s help has turned the tragedy into triumph by accomplishing so much over the last 10 years through the AWF. The success of the summer festival, The Gala and many more events has established Anthony’s legacy.
The mission of the Foundation is to promote diversity, integrity and racial harmony through education, sport and arts events and to support criminal justice agencies and local communities to reduce hate crime and build safer, cohesive communities.
AWF has developed into an influential community resource working directly with schools, youth groups and community organisations delivering workshops raising awareness of the impact of hate crime, why it exists, how it is manifested, and most importantly, how discrimination and prejudice can be challenged and prevented.
Each year AWF stages an annual festival bringing together individuals, families and communities to celebrate diversity attracting thousands of people to enjoy music and dance, take part in soccer and basketball competitions, participate in workshops, and many other activities.
We are at the point of metamorphosis, it’s been 10 years and everything has changed, but one thing remains constant and that is the love for our Anthony and at the same time feeling of loss, when we think of our brother, son, uncle & friend. His legacy and events, such as the AWF Festival allow us to celebrate his life. But the pain, you learn to cope; you learn how to adapt and grow, but it takes a trust in God and an unshakable knowing of self”