If I can help you to get get your garden ready before spring here are a few tips I have picked up over the years.

Step 1: Before the winds come prune any large shrubs, especially roses which can be pruned back to about a foot off the ground, this is done to stop the wind rocking the roots of your plants and stopping growth.

NB: Shrubs can be pruned to any shape with hand shears neatly before they come into bud in spring.

Step 2: BORDERS. Dig the soil over roughly to the depth of a spade, the frost will break up the heavy soil, and after hoeing it will be ready for a top dressing of bone-meal, especially to give your new bedding plants a good start. The rain will graddually take this down into the soil.

Step 3: Dont buy any new plants before the last week in May or any late frosts which we always get will kill them. The supermarkets have them out early so they double there money as you will have to buy more.

For any more garden tips to help you impress your neighbours, speak to our wonderful John, always willing to help.