Coffee with Bruce Dyer

A couple of months ago we were very blessed to have ex-professional footballer Bruce Dyer with us speaking at Sunday Night Live and in the morning church service. He shared his stories and testimonies, and it was incredibly inspiring. We wanted to learn a bit more about him, so together with a young football fan we asked him a few other questions he didn’t cover when he was here. Enjoy!

What was the best goal you ever scored?
Bruce: the best goal was when I was at Barnsley and we played against West Bromwich Albion. I wasn’t going to play that day because I wasn’t feeling too well, but I decided to push through and play. The goal was set up by my team mate and I scored from really far out. That feeling was amazing! After I scored I had such a great buzz from it that carried me until the end of the game.

As a footballer when do you pray?
Bruce: It wasnt easy with the amount of training I had to do, so I tried to get into a routine where I would wake up early in the morning to pray and study and then do exactly the same in the evening. It was important for me to get into a routine so I was sure that God was at the beginning of my day and at the end of it. I could leave the rest of the day in His hands and it really helped me getting rooted in Him early on, it was rock!

Who would be in your dream 11?

Goal Keeper: David James
Right back: Cafu
Center Half: Rio Ferdianand
Center Half: Martin Keown
Left Back: Roberto Carlos
Left Wing: Lionel Messi
Midfield: Clarence Seedorf
Midfield : Zidane
Right wing: Christiano Ronaldo
Center forward : Ian Wright
Center forward : Bruce Dyer