Fueled Friday’s Question Time

Amy Clark who is 18 years old has been going to Fueled for 6 years:
What do you love about Fueled? I have been going to Fueled now for six years and can honestly say it’s has been some of the best times of my life so far. I enjoy going to Fueled simply because it is a fun new way of experiencing Christianity. Fueled is a fantastic way of making friends, I’ve met most of my friends through Fueled and would always recommend it to others. My favourite thing about Fueled would have to be the worship. It’s unique, energetic and you just get into it as soon as the music starts (sort of like Mumford and Sons). For me Fueled is a great way for mixing with others and is a great opportunity for young people to be able to experience God and Christianity. The moment you walk into Fueled there’s always a friendly atmosphere. It is such a great way to start the weekend. In the future I definitely would like to see Fueled expand more, not only to be able to make new friends but to make the Fueled family bigger.

Callum Whitticker who is 20 years old has been going to Fueled for 8 years:
What is Fueled? Fueled is a youth group that I have been going to for nearly 8 years now. It is a fun place for youths to gather on a Friday evening and enjoy playing games and learning about God. Within the next five years I see Fueled growing in numbers year by year which could therefore make us change rooms/venue because of the amount of people we will receive. Fueled for me is a place that I can enjoy worshiping God with a lot of other youths and just relaxing and making new friends. What I most enjoy about Fueled is the atmosphere that is created with the team and the youths who come in to the building every Friday night.