The Gee Walker Diaries

The Anthony Walker Foundation is a registered charity established by Anthony’s family after his racially motivated murder in 2005. The aims and objectives of the charity are to promote racial harmony through education, sport and the arts, promoting the celebration of diversity and personal integrity and the realisation of potential of all young people.

Visit the website for more information and how you can get involved:


Successful Law Bursary Scheme developed between Liverpool JMU, CPS and the Anthony Walker Foundation is taking on 3 students this year. In addition, KWP Solicitors have come on board and kindly offered grants to the students as well as offering workplace placements in its law offices to enhance the students’ learning opportunities. A new project called The Upstanders Project will see Foundation personnel present a purposely designed learning resource Racist and Religious Hate Crime Schools Project to schools, community safety partnerships, and local education authorities. The resource contains classroom activities and guidance for teachers with the aim of raising awareness of hate crime issues including when to escalate a matter, consequences and how to deal with incidents.


There are plans to introduce an establishment of a team of Associates from our volunteers. These will be individuals who will be recruited, trained and become responsible for the delivery of workshops, presentations and training. This is an exciting opportunity for existing volunteers and young ambassadors and will offer them some self-development.

The AWF Festival will be held in the summer and there is discussion around local authorities staging events to ensure Anthony’s legacy is remembered and the lessons learnt are not and cannot be forgotten for the 10 year anniversary.


Following on from the Memorial Lecture in Bradford, Gee has been asked to present an ‘Anthony Walker Award’ for outstanding work to students in Royds School. Their teacher was so inspired by Gee that he has decided that the RE/PSHCE department at his school would have an ‘Anthony Walker Award’ for students who work hard or improve their work/attitude to learning. The students nominated at the end of each half term will received a big bar of chocolate and certificate with Gee’s signature. At the end of the academic year the students selected will go into a prize draw.

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