God is love

The outreach team at GFC are viewing these next 6 months as an opportunity to really get to know our community. Our goal is to find out what our local community needs so we can be effective in our outreach, not just in what we think the community needs but in what specifically the community tell us they need.

The Farmers Market has been a great start in making a connection with the lovely folks in Aigburth. We have had so many opportunities to share who we are and what we believe to people. And for the most part people have been receptive. Can I take this opportunity to invite those of you who have not yet got involved in a farmers market outreach to do so, it’s such a blessing to be able to just talk and share with people in the way that we do.

In church we have heard the term “Creating Rooms for people”. In my mind that term basically means creating an environment where all can come to church and find what they need. We are very blessed within our church to have a broad spectrum of people from different nations and walks of life.

We all have a different journey and therefore have varying experiences and have made different choices. As a result,
the needs we have may vary from the needs of our neighbours. In our homes we go into different rooms based on what we need
at that particular time. Feeling hungry? Well I assume it would be pointless for you to go into your bathroom to rectify that problem! The rooms in our homes contain solutions to a variety of problems.We aim to have the same solutions in the church by creating different metaphorical rooms where we can offer the tools and solutions to assist people on their personal journeys.

As a church family our desire is that we meet the needs of all types of people and show the love of Jesus to all. The different rooms represent the different needs we all have. Meeting people where they are at, demonstrates the heart of Jesus and our aim as Christians is to be more and more Christ-like in our actions. All of us have something, however small,that we have learnt on our journey that we can share to bless and help others. I genuinely believe that nothing is wasted in God, so your struggles of yesterday can be used as a testimony to help someone tomorrow. You can have a special room where you can help those who have struggled with similar issues to you. And before you know it something that was meant for harm, has been turned into something that can bring glory to the name of God. I encourage all of us to see what our place is within this vision of being people with the desire to see lives transformed.