How Mission Changed My Life!

“Summertime is not only a time for rest and sun, but also for reaching out to the furtherest places. A few of our wonderful people had the opportunity to take the gospel and change lives, now they talk about how mission changed them.”
In June 2013 before I went on my first mission to India with BTBAB God revealed to me in a dream that I would be going to the Philippines. When you’re on a mission you’re continually in the presence of God. Prayer, worship, and reading the Bible are an integral part of your day because you are constantly doing His work.
But I realised that I don’t have to be on a mission to be continually in Gods presence. I can choose to spend more of my time with God by making small changes in my life, like listening to worship music instead of the radio, having a worship mix that I can exercise to when I’m in the gym, talking to God, asking His advice on everything and choosing not to be led by my emotions but to let God guide me.
I was able to see how Pastor Rupert and his wife Angel who run the mission full-time continually walk in faith, and all the fruits of the ministry which God provides. I realised that no matter how big or small you think the work you are doing for God is, when your working for God, even a small pebble can create monumental ripples.