Is Santa Real?

This is one of the many difficult questions parents may at some point. Everyone will have their own opinions on this and parents have the right to choose how they answer it. Personally, I have really fond memories of Christmas growing up, and Santa was always a part of that; leaving out the mince pie and carrot for Rudolph, sitting in bed too excited to sleep because Santa was on his way; it was all part of the magic of Christmas for me.
As my daughter grows up, I will also leave out a mince pie and carrot, write ‘from Santa’ on a present and ask her if she wants to write to Father Christmas. I think it is OK for children to believe in Santa. Imagination is all part of growing up and makes up what is fun about being a kid. Santa Claus has evolved into a secularised figure but St Nicholas was actually a man who devoted his life to serving God. “He was a real man who loved Jesus and gave gifts to children in the name of Jesus”. When the time comes, I will tell her that the real St. Nicholas is in heaven with God and we will meet him one day, and that all the fantasy that surrounds ‘Santa’ is just pretend.
One thing I will make sure of though, just like my parents did; is that my children know the real meaning of Christmas. It is so easy to get caught up in the commercialism of this holiday season, all the magic and fantasy, but the real story is so much better than fantasy. It is miraculous, historical and TRUE! No gift we get from ‘Santa’ could ever compare to the gift that was given to us that first Christmas day. God’s ultimate gift of His precious son Jesus; the Saviour of the world.
That is the fundamental truth of Christmas and something I want my daughter to believe in above anything else.