For most people, this time of the year, the Christmas season and entering into a new year, is a time of excitement and joy, but for others, it can heighten their pain of loneliness.
One of the growing problems of our generation as people are living longer is coping with loneliness. The challenge they face, as they lose a spouse or become less mobile is worsening all over the country. Thousands of people will face this Christmas season alone, without seeing or speaking to anybody. We need to remember Jesus has called us (the church) to carry His love to a world in need of love and compassion, but in our busy lives, we are failing to share His love unless we are willing to reach out and help someone in need.
Jesus said (Luke 10:27), love your neighbour as yourself, and then continued with the story of the Good Samaritan, who had compassion to help the one in need. “We need to remember Jesus has called us (the church) to carry His love to a world in need of love and compassion.”
Then He said, “Go and do the same!” Jesus’ instructions to us are clear; our response should be like the good Samaritan, although this is inconvenient and will mean I will have to sacrifice some of my time and energy – whatever it costs – whatever I need to do, I will do it! I think we forget that Jesus also said, “When you do this for others, you do unto Me!”
Can I encourage you to ask God to show you the lonely people in your street or area that would love a visit from you, it would mean so much to them. Remember, the exciting thing is that you bring Jesus with you! (Because love always looks for people to help!)
Does it take time and commitment? Of course, but if our lives are filled with ourselves and we are not helping anyone, then we have our priorities all wrong! In Luke 10:37 (AMP) Jesus said, “as you do this, you will enjoy your life!” Ask yourself, who are you bringing Jesus to during this season that celebrates joy and good will to all men?
He came as the light of the world, and in these difficult and dark days YOU can make someone’s world shine brighter.