Our Main GOAL: Glorify God & make Disciples!

“When God reaches out to love us, he is attempting to start a cycle that Will bless, not only us, but also through us to many others.”

So many people these days are dissatisfied with life, including Christians, but did you know dissatisfaction does not come from your circumstances but from the absence of purpose in your life. Our main purpose is to glorify God, and to make disciples. In Mark 16:15 Jesus instructed us to go into all the world and make disciples. When we made Jesus Lord of our lives God poured His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).

So the life of a Jesus follower is all about His love and relationships, so we can have:
1. A personal relationship with the Father.
2. A relationship with one another that is connected to His family.
3. A relationship with the world that reaches to neighbours and nations.

But it has to start with a love for God’s house – The Church. Jesus said, zeal for Your House has consumed Me (John 2). We make a difference to the world around us by working for something bigger than ourselves – the vision to build the House of God – His Church. And when you do, it enthuses your spirit, inspires your creativity and gives your life purpose! We make the choice to be planted in the House (not merely a visitor!) – Because when a group of people are consumed by love for God’s House you will be amazed what a difference they can make!