Pastor Di Blog!

I want to share an exciting prophesy from a well-regarded minister who recently said, “change is coming in April 2017. It will change in the atmosphere and the church will hear a new sound. The sound will usher in the beginning of His divine importation, revelation and Holy Fire. Ropes that have you bound will burn off. There will be an experience like Moses where the burning bush burned but not destroyed. It will be an awesome God kind of happening.  Keep your expectations high for God is sweeping the heavenly in April and new happenings are coming.”

It’s so important that we walk closer to Him so we can hear what direction to go, wisdom to follow and know what the next step will be. God’s plans are always in victory, but we must first be honest with ourselves and God. Spend quality time in His word and presence. Change your confession of negative words and speak His!

Around the world the church is going through an extreme shaking and if He can get our attention He is preparing us for a change that will prepare His bride (us) for what she has been called to, because many believe the greatest move of God is almost upon us!

The Holy Spirit is urging us to get ready, and keep our focus on Jesus. Don’t look to what the world is saying or doing because you will miss what the Spirit is doing. Be like the wise Virgins who were prepared for the bridegroom (Matthew 25: 1-13) and so didn’t miss out on His plans and purposes.

So, how do we get ready? Be in prayer and always be obedient to do the word. Remember how much He loves you and share His love with those who don’t know Him.

Keep your expectations high – the Glory of God is coming!