PASTOR DI BLOG – Does God Test Us?

Faith in Jesus and His Word is the key that releases the power of God in your life, this means that from the moment you were saved God put enough spiritual energy in you through the Word to launch you through all the attacks of the enemy. Some people get quickly discouraged, they feel they have failed, or done something wrong and are tempted to say God’s Word doesn’t work and want to give up if the answer doesn’t come straight away. But, did you know that the Bible says that faith is not faith until it has been tested? Because only faith that has been tested is true faith. Faith produces what we are believing God for. 1 Peter 1:7 says this faith is more precious even than Gold that has been tested with fire.

It’s your faith that needs to work on your motivation, which comes from the goal and the vision that God has given you but only faith can help you realise the goal. It is usually the devil who is tempting us to give up on our faith. But God tests our faith! He has put a power in us that is strong enough to take us through all the testings to a new place of victory. That’s what it means when the Word says, we are changed from one degree of glory to another (2 Corinthians 3:18).

We grow to each new level as we pass the test and so become stronger as a result. God has not ordained for us to keep going around the same mountain, we need to pass the test to move on! But it’s so important to remember the Word will only change us when we do it! Faith is trust, do you believe Him? do you trust Him? As Steve Upall says, “many want to be Sunday Christians who attend comfortable churches where they become bless me groups” Yes, God has already blessed us so that we can grow to full maturity and achieve His purposes on earth.

In these last days it is vital that the church recognizes the power of God within us. Daniel 11:32 says, those who know their God will be strong and do exploits but it is impossible to know Him without faith. So, set aside discouragement, disappointment etc. Use your faith to see the bigger picture, maybe you are going through a time of testing, so ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you and stay strong in faith and remember that God is the God of the impossible!