As much as we enjoy this time of the year; the colours of autumn, the excitement of Christmas and the anticipation of a New Year it is important that we do not lose sight of our purpose and destiny where we are heading.

I am sure we have all heard the expression ‘teamwork makes the dream work’, but do we understand the reality of that in the workings of the Church?

In any organisation, as individuals we can only go so far because we all have our limitations. Let’s face it, the saying is true, ‘you can’t do it all by yourself’ (John 15). Every Pastor knows you need a fantastic set of people around you, all released into their gifting, and empowered by their passion. But you cannot achieve your best on your own, so it is important to build a team around you who will compensate

for your lack. We all need others to become what God wants us to become. Even Jesus needed a team!

The motivational speaker John Maxwell said, “The enjoyability and success of your leadership journey depends on the quality of the people closest to you.” Of course, Jesus knew that!

A vital key for a great team to achieve impossible things is unity. Remember what God said to those building the tower of Babel in Genesis 11:6; nothing they planned to do would be impossible for them.

The dynamics of a great team is based on mutual respect and love for one another. That means each team member needs to be secure in who they are in Christ and know their strengths and weaknesses and recognising that they need each other in order to reach the bigger goals.

Luke 1:37 says, with God all things are possible. When we have unity of purpose we can know that with God we are capable of anything! The definition of purpose is, an end in view, an aim, determination, resolution, to design intentionally. We have the capacity to do extraordinary things but, let’s not forget our main PURPOSE is to reach spiritually lost people. Jesus said, “seek and save that which is lost.”

So let’s not forget, as we move into another year, we are building an amazing church that reaches people with His love, transforming them to impact their world for Jesus.

Now, that’s exciting and TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!