Values of the House

As a church family, we have recently been reviewing our vision and purpose, refreshing who we are and what God has called us to do. We celebrate the wonderful variety that is in the House of God, welcoming people from all cultures and backgrounds, we are young at heart, fun and lively. We place great value on the Word, by teaching and training, helping to release people to fulfill their God given destiny. We believe that serving God should be with excellence and integrity, touching lives with Gods love in a real and relevant way.

Also, we have been reviewing our main core values.

We believe we must lead our lives from core and enduring values and not from impulse or emotion; therefore, we endeavour to build our church upon the following:

Passion: Passion, zeal and great enthusiasm all express the heart attitude with which we serve God and His House.

Excellence: We desire to have excellence in all we do, out of our love for Jesus,

Honour: We desire to bring honour to God. We honour the Word of God. We respect and honour authority. We honour and respect one another displaying a true servant heart.

Integrity: Within our church, integrity demonstrates our reliability and credibility, providing a solid reputation that members will trust and want to be part of.

Accountability: Accountability requires that we each take responsibility for our actions, whether in word, thought or deed.

Stewardship: Stewardship demands that each of us as individuals, and as a church, treat with respect that which God has committed into our care.

Service: Jesus selflessly served, assisted, guided and taught others throughout His entire ministry. As brothers and sisters in Christ, we endeavour to serve each other.

It’s important to remember that it takes everyone in a church to make the church work. Your contribution is vital to the health and success of the church.

Together we are building the House of God for God!

He has called us to be a great church; a family ready and prepared to welcome and include everyone who needs Jesus. My prayer is that we can motivate, encourage and enlighten you so that you can find your place in the body of Christ.

Remember – we are in this together!