Who will you be this year?

In life we make choices. Some of those choices are quite good, some are inconsequential, and some lead us into some peculiar places. The choice I made to marry, Chantelle, my wife, was a good one. The choice I made to shave all of my hair off, consequently looking a bit like a turtle for a couple months while my hair grew back, maybe not such a good one? You make choices every day, our choices lead places, so paying attention to the nature of your choices is pretty darn important.
In my role as university chaplain I see students makes choices all the time. You know, like the decision between to go out drinking with your mates or to stay in a put a bit of extra work into that assignment that could really use some attention? For many, the first year of uni is approached almost as a throw-away. Many students choose to live for personal pleasure during this initial year and studies are a bit of a side article.
The second year students seem to focus a bit more; the realisation that second year grades count for more seems to cause one to consider more deeply the choices made as the year plays itself out.
What about the third year? Well, regardless of what choices you have made in those first two years, the third year is really important. Not simply because it often matters more academically, but because you are preparing to be thrust out into the big world! Third year is about transition: it is the space between the student experience and proper adult life (scary!). This is the time when you begin to seriously attempt to discern your future.
In using the word ‘discern’ I am suggesting something; I am suggesting that this might be the year for you to not just take seriously your academic study, but also your life of prayer. This might be the year when you take more seriously than ever the question “God, what are you calling me to do?” What if you made the choice to ask this question everyday in prayer and to seek our wise people in your life and get their advice? How would this shape the way you live? How would this shape the way you act? What if you chose to make God’s desires for you the main thing this year? Your choices in first and second year have already been made, but what will you do with the time remaining this year?”