Why Do I Go To Church?

church isntThere are many reasons why people choose to spend their Sunday mornings at church. Some go because of the people, and the atmosphere and some are just simply dragged! However, hearing the heart of a recent member of the church it’s more than that, it’s the healing power of Jesus!
Why do you attend Grace Family Church?
There are many reasons why I go, and continue to come back to church. First and foremost it is to form a relationship with God, to get to really understand and know the Word. I also feel at home when I enter the doors. There is a sense of belonging and we are all here for the same reason and the same goal; it’s so encouraging.
One thing I find really helpful about going to church is I feel it puts me in a beautiful balance for the week. It gives me the strength for when things go wrong and I know that if I go in empty to church I will come out filled and encouraged to take on whatever the week brings. Also, when I join in worship with other people in the church I am reminded of the gift of life that Jesus has given to me is deliverance from gambling. I no longer feel the need to gamble!
How did you go from being saved to coming to church?
My testimony is a real example of Jeremiah 29 v11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” God definitely had a plan for me, even at my lowest when I had made up my mind to commit suicide he rescued me.
Just after I had lost my mum 11 years ago I found I couldn’t stop gambling. I had got to the point where I was losing about 5,000 pounds a week; I had to sell my house, car and other possessions. I lost my family and my home!
I began sleeping on the streets and got so desperate and realised that I needed to find help. I started on the 12 steps to recovery with the Gamblers Anonymous and started attending sessions. The three main things that GA base their recovery on is: Clean House, Trust God and Help others. Halfway through my steps I gave my life to Christ and started trusting God with my life!
At that time I was attending the church linked with GA. However, my cousin Billy who lives in Blackpool, also got saved at Grace years before and encouraged me to come here. I remember walking into a prayer meeting and being greeted by a member….that was the beginning of a great journey!!
What would you say to someone to encourage them to keep coming to church?
For me, the most important thing about God is He has made me the Paul I was meant to be, instead of being a tortured being. All the Glory goes to God! As a result of that I serve God and I do this in church; the church that He has planted me in where I can continue to flourish and bear fruit. I was broken and now I am healed, but I still need to be regularly reminded of that healing and the best way to do this is by going and staying plugged in.